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Nibo logo variations & experiments.
The client wanted a visual identity that would reflect their elegant designs, their love of nature and the use of local resources.
The client wanted a logo for their website as well as their Facebook Community page, which is a unique destination for all things cheese. 
Cheese Lovers
The company was founded in 2004 and asked for their logo to be redesigned in 2014.

Below is the original logo.

Out of the Box
Bcard props (A side)
Bcard props (A side)
Final logos and logo props for various uses, in and around the gas stations.
222 & 12
Experiments, variations and final logos for sister site Withink*
Niki wanted a contemporary design for her Logo and Promo cards that would reflect her design style and the use of contemporary materials.

Her logo gave birth to
nibo's "Cut" Font.
Niki Stylianou
Pragma studio® wanted a visual ID that would "speak of" Photography and Photography's tendency to become a global trend due to mobile phones.
Logo variations and final logos for various applications.
Chrostiki S.A.
Nibo® designed, Chrostiki's Kiosk at the
Nibo® designed, Chrostiki's Kiosk at the "K 2016" International Plastics & Rubber Fair, in Düsseldorf, Germany.